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Yevhen Samuchenko

My name is Yevhen Samuchenko (creative nickname Q-lieb-in). I am a  travel photographer from Ukraine, and artist of the International Federation Photographic Art (AFIAP).

Photography is an important part of my life. I travel a lot, and  camera is a my constant companion. Shooting nature and travel and street scenes, but most of all I was attracted Night Scenes. I conduct group Night photography master-classes in and individual Workshops for night shooting on location.

Night photos I like for its slow pace - you can break away from the bustle of the day, and because of the long exposure shooting process does not interfere with the contemplation of the starry sky. Watching the magnificent night sky, you feel like a single particle of the Universe. Most of all I love trekking and shooting in Himalayas mountains. It’s realy beautiful place – you can see bright Roerich paints right in real nature in sunset or sunrise, and enjoy clear starry sky at night.  

Besides, I am a finalist and winner of various international photo contests and photo salons. My works was published in magazines, books and/or online versions of these publishers and media: N-Photo, Bruckmann Publisher, BBC news, CNN, National Geographic, Yahoo news, Story Terrace, BuzzFeed, UNESCO official website, and others. My photographs were awarded a lot of medals and prizes, including 3 FIAP Gold medal, IPA silver, HIPA Merit medal. My photos was exhibited at UK (London), United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and other countries. I open to any form of creativity and cooperation.


Some of my awards:

Second place — Golden Camera (Landscape section) — 2014

Five place — Wiki Loves Monuments by Wikipedia (Ukraine section) -2014

HIPA Merit Medal — Life in Color UAE (Night section) — 2015

FIAP Gold Medal — International Photo Salon (Travel section) -2015

Third place — Wiki Loves Earth by Wikipedia (Nepal section) — 2015

Silver Medal — BPS international photo contest (Nature section) -2015

First Place Winner — City near the sea (Sea section) -2015 

FIAP Gold Medal — Kyiv Photo Salon (Open section)-2016

GrandPrix Winner- Matter of Time by Corel Corporation -2016

Silver winner (Night photography) – IPA (International Photo Awards -2016)

Silver medal – LifePressPhoto — International Salon report photography (Art/Entertainment section) – 2016

Second place - Global Photography International Photo Contest 2016

Gold winner (Nature) – IPA (International Photo Awards -2016)

FIAP Gold Medal — Cappadocia Photography Contest (Nature section)-2017

(to be continued…)


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